The Science of Giving

So here’s the makes you feel good! 

It’s scientifically proven!  According to when you give someone a gift, oxytocin (the hormone of love) floods your body and can leave you feeling good for up to two hours!  You’ll also get a boost of feel-good Endorphins, and you only need to spend an hour walking on the beach to know how good that feels.

This is the basis of Gift and Grace.  Helping you to feel great by giving a little bit back.  As well as encouraging people to give a gift, we'll back it up by giving 10% of our profit to a good cause.  No matter how little or large that amount may be.  Our donation will be chosen by one of our customer’s each month and will go to their favourite charity.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see where the donations go. 

As well as our online shop, we’ll be getting out and about at markets around the Gold Coast and Brisbane.  We had a great weekend at Carrara Markets a couple of weeks ago.  Experiencing the eerie quietness of the markets at 6:30am and watching with fascination as they gradually came to life was a pleasure that for some reason I cannot explain.  Then we got to watch people’s positive reactions to our products.  So rewarding!  I mean, we know they are good, but to put it out there and have it confirmed was priceless. 

Only a few more weeks until we’ll be out mingling with the masses again with a weekend at Nightquarter and then a whole week at Harbourtown.  We can’t wait!

We are focusing on ethically sourced and eco-friendly leather and that has ensured that we have top quality products that you will love!  Our naturally tanned leather handbags, laptop bags, duffle bags and journals are a little bit special, even if I do say so myself.  They are handcrafted and quite unique.  Take a look for yourself, and if you can’t get enough of that delicious leathery smell, come and see us at the markets.  We can't wait to see you...