About Gift and Grace

Gift and Grace...the name says it all.  If you are looking for a beautiful and unique gift for yourself or a loved one, then you've come to the right place.  

Gift and Grace has been created with quality in mind.  Our main aim is to provide beautiful products to those that want something you won't find on the high street.  Something that's not just unique, but organic, free of toxins and just a little bit different.

Our leather collection is second to none in quality and craftsmanship.  Every handcrafted item is created by artisans as they have done for generations, far from a factory production line.  Being hand made, every item is unique and guaranteed to age beautifully. Our bags and journals are organically tanned with edible oil to ensure a non-toxic product that will last a lifetime.

Due to popular demand, we are now working on a vegan collection!  This will feature some classic and modern styles sourced from all over the world and brought directly to you...right here!  These bags will be 100% leather-free, non-toxic and eco friendly.  So whatever your preference, we're sure you'll find something you love in the new collection.  Coming very soon!